What We Do

We Do Exceptional

Elite Growers has one goal, to supply the highest quality garden plants to independent garden centers and landscape contractors all over the Chicago area. And, we want to do it in a way that makes your job easier. You've heard it before, service with a smile. Well, at Elite Growers we really do mean it.

7 rows heucheraSo, here's how it works. We do the heavy lifting. We seek out cutting edge plant varieties. We test them and figure out how to grow them. Then, we finish them and make them available to you when you need them. And here's the kicker. You call us or fax us or email us or pony express us your order. Then, we pull it, clean it up, organize it and get it ready so that your customers think you did all the work! Pretty sweet deal huh?

Oh, but it gets better. When you send us your order, you become customer numero uno. We respect that you have a difficult job. We know, for example, that you don’t always have 24 hours to give us notice. Don’t worry. We'll pull your order anyway. We also know that sometimes you only need one measly little plant. Don’t fret amigo, we'll pull that one plant too. Oh we know what you’re thinking. What if we don’t have what you’re looking for when you want it? Well, we'll offer every substitute we have until you find something that suits your customer’s fancy. Then, we'll pull that too!!

Elite OrderSo, let's recap. We, Elite Growers, will find, evaluate, and ultimately produce the highest quality perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns, and specialty annuals in the Chicago area. We will then make said outstanding plants available to you, our valued independent wholesale customer, when and where you need them.  We do it with a smile, without a bunch of cumbersome rules, and we even provide a bowl of candy when your driver comes to pick up the doggone order! Now, that’s sweet no?

Darn it! We forgot to mention one thing. We'll deliver too. That’s right my local independent green industry professional. If you give us just a little advance notice, a decent sized order, and an address, we'll bring all of this to you. How can you beat that? We'll answer that one for you. You can't!

So now what? Easy. Call us. Fax us. Email us. Please don't pony express us. But, definitely tell us what we can do for you and we'll do it. One plant. One hundred plants. Doesn’t matter. We want to be your local source for all of the above. Exceptional Plants.  Exceptional Service. It really is that simple.